Foundation Partners

Medical & Cultural Association (MCA)

Medical & Cultural Association (MCA) is a registered charity, voluntary, non-profitable, non-political and non-religious organization in Repalle, A.P., working for the Society development. It is run by a large group of service minded people including Senior Doctors, retired & working Employees, Philanthropists and young people from in and around Repalle. MCA has been doing voluntary services to help the needy and to develop Education, Health and Environment.

TANA Foundation has partnered with MCA to do many programs for the last few years. Most recently MCA was the major partner in organizing TANA Chaitanya Sravanthi. As part of this MCA took a major role in organizing a mega eye camp, medical camp, sports competitions etc and made the program a huge success.

MCA in partnership with TANA Foundation helped build a huge community center sponsored by Mr Murali Gadela to fulfill his father’s dream.

TANA Foundation is proud of its association with MCA Repalle and feels a coming together of two like minded organizations.

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Child Aid Foundation

The founder and director of Child Aid Foundation is Dr. A. Goswami (adopted Indian name), Ph.D. Born, raised, and educated in the New York City area of the U.S.A., he came to India in the 1980’s for personal tour and research.

It was not his plan to either remain in India or to start a social service organization. During his extensive travels throughout the length and breadth of the country, he repeatedly encountered many very poor and needy children such as slum children, street children, child laborers, and even juvenile delinquents.

He was very moved by their plight and inspired to help them. Thus, the seed for the Child Aid Foundation was planted. Dr. Goswami acquired Indian citizenship and started working with such children in 1988 in an informal way on a trial basis.

By 1993, the degree of success was such that he decided it was necessary to start an actual organization. Consequently, on July 1st, 1993, the Child Aid Foundation was legally registered as a non-profit, non-political, secular, public charitable trust. Since then, there has been no looking back!

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Center For Community Development Varni


We are an organization focused to improving the local area, specifically geographic area within Nizamabad district of Andhra Pradesh.

We intend to accomplish this by partnering with various national and international organizations that support certain specific causes to deliver their services in our community.

We operate like a “sandbox” model, where we facilitate activities promoting education, health, sports and Livelihood specifically for the benefit of population within our district.

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Khammam NRI

“To Bring All KHAMMAM District NRIs And Their Friends, Who Are Living Around The Globe, Under One Umbrella, To Help Development Of Khammam District.“

Khammam NRI Group is an active NRI group with over 1700 members worldwide. The group collectively promotes growth and development of Khammam both economically and socially.The Khammam NRI group decided to sponsor “Happy Homes HIV rehabilitation center as their first project. Happy home” is run by teacher Garika Lakshmiah and his wife. They have adopted over 80 HIV born orphan kids from Khammam, Nalgonda and Krishna districts, and providing service to them including lodging, boarding, medicine and education.

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Navajeevan Blind Relief Center

" To Serve More People In The World , Those Who Are Drown Trodden "

This organization was started on GANDHI JAYANTHI DAY i.e. 2nd October 1979 at Tirupati with the Motto of prevention of Blindness and re habitation for Blind children, adult blind, orphan children , H.I.V. affected children, promoting education and health care especially in the field of ophthalmology. Navajeevan Blind relief Center is working With TANA Foundation Since 1999.

Organizational Activities

  • Organizing regularly every month 5 to 7 Free Eye camps and Medical camps in rural and tribal area.
  • Running Orphan children Homes for Tribal children, running 3 schools for Blind children in rural and tribal area. Running Senior citizen homes.

For more information contact DR.K.S.ACHARYA  @ +918772239992 / +919849617808  or email to:

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Subandha Foundation

" Subandha Is A Culmination Of Aspiring Hearts (Partners) With Great Vision And Responsibility Towards Building A Socially Equal Society. "

"Subandha Foundation" is a non-profit organization destined to do the needful to the impoverished. This organization works towards not limiting the services to just donations a dedicated team, trustees, leaders and determined volunteers actively take perk in the civic responsibilities like collecting funds for child education, environmental awareness etc. This body functions towards providing their availability and services to those sections of the society who needs helping hands for their basic betterment, to feed those who are hungry and to provide primary education for those who cannot afford for it. This organization provides a platform for people who wish to come forward to contribute to the society and it also organizes the funds to make sure it reaches the respective.

Subandha Foundation has a collaborative environment where there is joy in both giving and taking. Through our organization we want to bridge the gap between the people who are willing to help and the people who are seeking it.

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