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Final Journey…

"jAtasya hi dhruvo mRtyuH dhruvaM janma mRtasya ca, dhruvaM janma mRtasya ca, tasmAd aparihArye tasmAd aparihArye'rthe na tvaM 'rthe na tvaM 'rthe na tvaM socitum socitum socitum arhasi" arhasi" arhasi" (Bhagavad Gita 2.27) "Death is CERTAIN of that which is BORN "Death is CERTAIN of that which is BORN t which is BORN; BIRTH is CERTAIN of that which is DEAD. BIRTH is CERTAIN of that which is DEAD. You should NOT therefore LAMENT over the INEVITABLE."

As quoted in epic Hindu scripture Bhagavad Gita, Death is Inevitable and Certain Death is Inevitable and Certain. It is at this critical time in ones life that one has to develop the necessary strength and courage to face the situation and do what is expected in the age old cycle of human life – the funeral process of disposing the human body. In our life overseas we face this situation several times in the community we live in. Unlike in India where the necessary infrastructure is readily available conducive to the Indian life conditions, it is not so easy in other countries. The local customs and infrastructure is geared to handle all such situations but may not be amenable for Indian way funeral handling/services. It is not uncommon for anyone having any close cont I acts with funeral homes until it is absolutely necessary. When it is needed, family members will be in shock with blankedout minds, can’t think straight and get panic to make proper final arrangements for their loved ones. Some funeral homes try to extract as much money as they could depend on the situation. Choosing the right funeral home is the key to have respectable last rites to loved ones. The quicker we provide the following information, the faster the funeral homes can provide needed services. Very few States allow family members to take the deceased home if a person dies some place else other than at home. Deceased will be transported directly from the place of death to the funeral home of family’s choice. All funeral homes may not have Crematorium/Burial facilities but may have agreements with near by funeral homes. Family members have right to choose whatever the facility they wanted. 

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