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Dear Telugu friends:

We are happy to announce that you can view TANA Matrimonials on TANA website NOW. This value-added service would allow us to publicize the ads immediately as we receive them. It would also make it easier for everyone to browse through the matrimonial listing at their own convenience and to reply easily, if an e-mail address is provided in the ad.
This service is FREE for TANA Life members and immediate family members (Children and siblings only) for first six months on website and up to one print issue.

To Advertise in the  Matrimonials Section

Here is the procedure to be followed to place your matrimonial ad on TANA website:

Rates:  $100 for placement of your ad for 6 months on the web for a 500 character (including spaces) advertisement; $50 renewal for the same period. There would be an additional charge of $1 for each additional word.  We reserve the right to refuse and add or make changes to suit the web style. Please provide your name, mailing address and/or phone # for our communication. This information will be kept confidential. TANA will assign TMS # to each advertisement. Confidentiality guaranteed.

How to place Advertisement :
You may mail your advertisement along with a check (payable to TANA)  to the following address: 
TANA Patrika Matrimonials; P.O.Box #  627 ; Hines, IL  60141

                          Or (faster method)

You can pay online through  the link : . You need to choose Patrika Matrimonial from the drop down menu. Please give the matrimonial ad you want us to post in Comments section or email to : [email protected]

If you have any questions, please contact our Matrimonial Editor :
Jagadish Kanuru.
Phone# 630-212-7792
Email : [email protected]

Please note that TANA patrika will not be sent to all advertisers automatically. It will be mailed to only our members. Please become a life member at to receive TANA Patrika regularly.

Note to current advertisers: If the time period expires for the advertisement for the website, it will be removed from the website while it may continue to be printed in Patrika for the issues paid.